Why Does Fast Food Cause Acne?

Suppose, it is a very special day and you see pimples on your face after standing in front of your mirror. You will definitely blame yourself for eating pizza, chocolate, and other junk foods last night. Well, you might be thinking about whether junk foods cause any acne problems or not. Here, we will be covering the same. 

A lot of research works have been done to find out the answer to this question. It is quite evident that there is a link between acne or pimples and diet. Dr. George Varigos who is a Melbourne dermatologist is of the opinion that acne problems and junk food are inextricably related to each other. However, many are of the opinion that this should not be considered a standard view and more research works need to be done to find out the right explanation.

Kids belonging to 17 or 18 suffer from acne problems and it can go up to 30s. Most of the time, it is considered a genetic problem. However, along with the genetic factor, environment and food also play a very impactful role. 

Pimples generally appear when the pores in the skin get blocked. There are many small glands located inside the pores. If those glands become inflamed, the pores will be blocked and you will suffer from acne or pimples problems. Now, when does the inflammation occur? Well, it basically occurs when those sebaceous glands produce oil in excess amount. Moreover, when these glands are irritated by the dead skin cells, you will see an acne problem. If you do not take care of your skin or if you do not control your diet, such a thing will happen and it eventually boosts bacteria. In the end, you might have to suffer from serious skin problems.

If we talk about the traditional views of dermatologists, well, according to them, there is no proper link between pimples and diet. However, there are many emerging pieces of evidence that are clearly suggesting that certain drinks or foods can trigger or cause acne in people.

High-GI Foods Can Cause Acne

According to research, there are certain foods that are extensively consumed by adolescents. These are sugary snacks, white bread, and soft drinks. According to Varigos, a diet that is rich in processed foods can cause acne. These are called high-GI foods and they can increase the blood sugar level and eventually, it can lead to inflammation. So, if you want to get rid of acne problems, you need to make changes in your diet and you need to consume vegetables.