Why Choosing Your Life Begins With Letting Go of the Past

There’s something deep and meaningful that we all need to learn from the song “Let it go” from the movie Frozen. The song talks about the past, the mistakes we make, and how what has already happened can affect us today. Whether it is causing stress, disrupting sleep, or leading to new heartache in the future.

The unavoidable truth about the past is that there’s nothing that you can do right now that can change it. And when there’s nothing that could be done to change it, then why should we waste more time dwelling on it? What was meant to happen, happened. Then why is it that we find ourselves trapped with memories from the past that prevent us from living our lives in the present? 

Holding onto the past and going through it over and over again in your head will not change it. Neither will it make things any better. If it worked that way, then everyone would have their dreams come true and the universe would break. 

The only things that can change your life and make you into a stronger person than you were before is acceptance. Complete and sincere acceptance of everything that happened, mistakes on your part, and of others. Acceptance is the key to being free. This can set you free from the haunting shackles of your past and help you move forward. Life does not end with a shortcoming that has taken place. 

Your mind will play tricks on you and tell you that ostensibly life will never be different or any better than it is now, so why bother letting go of something familiar in the past and embrace an unknown future? But that’s when you need to realize that’s not true and there will always be more to life than what has happened in the past. 

Some people like to define themselves by their past. They think their past experiences adds to their self-identity and therefore they have trouble letting go. They feel vulnerable without their pain and can’t seem to know themselves without it. But is it really the smart way to live by letting something that has already happened define and decide what you’re going to be now? Only by letting go of the past will you be able to open more doors and future possibilities.