When Looking at Wants vs Needs in a Relationship

A relationship between two people who are in love is a wonderful thing. The bond they share is precious, and not everyone is lucky enough to find something real with another person in the artificial world we live in. A real relationship is a connection that puts both people at ease with the other. What they share among them is something that cannot be shared with others. 

But people these days get into a relationship without knowing what they want out of it. They feel as if something is missing from their lives, and to fill it, they rush into a relationship and form a temporary link with another individual. This link is weak and feeble, so it breaks rather easily by the person who wants to have changed. 

That’s the thing about wants vs needs in a relationship. To understand the difference between the two, try to remember how many things have been there in your life that you have wanted? A car, phone, or laptop? Any materialistic thing that you just wanted and got it, what happened later? The feeling of wanting it ended because you got it. That is what happens when you want something or someone. As soon as you have it or have them, you no longer feel like wanting it or wanting them. You get bored.

Now let’s explore needs. To need something means you need it in your life, and it is almost impossible to continue living without that particular thing. For example, oxygen is a need, water is a need, and living under a stable roof is a need. Nobody gets bored with living in a house. You’re always going to need to live in a house. Just like that, when there is a true connection with someone, which is very rare to find, you will always need them in your lives.

Their existence and their presence will surpass the mere feeling of want and reach a level of need.
Now that the concept of differences between wants and needs has been established, what a person wants vs needs in a relationship can be more easily figured out between partners. When you are looking for a want in a relationship, try to consider the real ones from temporary ones. And when you are talking about the needs in a relationship, be careful to emphasize long term needs for both you and your partner.