What Education do I Need for Children Psychology Jobs

What education and qualifications do you need to find children psychology jobs? Psychology and child psychology, in particular, is a vast and fascinating area of study that has the potential to take you in many directions in life. 

Studying child psychology is a great choice if you have an interest in the development of a child and how he or she can grow up to become a better kind of person through mental and emotional growth. 

Mental health is a serious problem and it’s even more of a serious issue for children because they are still growing up and need to learn regulate their feelings and emotional in a healthy manner. But sadly not many children get to grow up in a healthy home environment which makes grow into an emotionally unbalanced and disturbed personality. 

As a child psychologist you can teach the child ways that can help them through-out their lives and make them have sustainable and loving relationships with themselves and others. 

What Education Does a Child Psychologist Need? 

Becoming a child psychologist is not roses on the bed, it takes years to get a professional bachelors and master’s degree and few years in the practical field to gain experience before you can finally start practicing with a legal license. 

Bachelor’s degree

First and foremost you will need to get a 4 year’s bachelor’s degree in science in psychology. An Undergraduate Bachelors in science in psychology will cover the basic aspects of studying psychology including child psychology along with humanistic behavioral psychology, social psychology, general psychology and clinical psychology. 

Master’s degree

After completing your bachelor’s you will require a master’s degree in psychology. This can take full two to three years depending on the institute you have enrolled for the master’s program. 

PhD in Child Psychology

A doctorate’s degree in child psychology means you study in depth the subject of child development and the mind of a child and it’s behavior. The study course for PhD can be from 5 to 7 years. 


Getting the license to start your practice is a child psychologist will be the last step to your journey. You will have to go through a series of examination and practical supervised by the American Psychological Association. The duration can be from 1 year to 1 year and a half.