What Does The Expression “Be Well” Mean?

Be well. 

That’s a phrase we’ve all heard at least a couple of times in our life. We often think of it as a positive saying. But what exactly does it mean? Was it used to express a desire for you to stay on your best behavior? Did it mean that you should take care of your health? 

We’re here to answer all your questions. Read on to learn about the origins, meaning, and uses of the phrase “be well.” 


The origins of the phrase “be well” are a bit hazy, but we know that in the Renaissance era, Italian writers of the time would conclude their letters with the phrase “state sane,” which means “be well.” So, this phrase isn’t exactly new. It’s also known that Romans enclosed their letters with a phrase similar to “be well,” but we don’t know exactly what it was.


As you’ve probably noticed, the phrase “be well” is only used on a positive note, unless someone is sarcastic. To say the phrase “be well” to someone basically means that you wish them safety and good health. It’s a more emotionally intimate way of wishing someone goodbye, since you’re expressing your need for the safety and good health of the person, even if they aren’t about to do anything dangerous. “Be well” lets you show a different level of care for the person instead of just a simple and empty goodbye. It’s a lot like the much more common phrase “take care,” except that it sounds more prim and proper in comparison.  


“Be well” is a phrase that can be used whenever you wish a close friend or family member goodbye, and you want them to know that their safety and good health are important to you. Although this phrase can be a bit too formal for some people, in which case, you can simply go for “take care.” “Be well” is best used when signing off a formal email, just to be kind and end the business-related conversation on a positive note.

How to Personally be Well

Mental is physical Wellness is important for everyone’s life. Wish yourself “be well” and invest some time into your well being. Things like meditation, forgiveness, work out, and therapeutic supplements by trusted brands like Integrative Therapeutics, Nordic Naturals, and Pure Encapsulations can help you achieve your goal of being well.