Ways to Set Up Your Success so Your Dream Will Come True

Everyone has a dream that they want to come true. If you work hard, put in time and effort, and take advantage of every opportunity, you can get closer to making sure that your dream will come true.

But what is your dream, and how do you reach it?

If your dream is to have a nice car and a big house, you will probably need to go to school and work incredibly hard at getting a valuable degree so you can work your way through a challenging career and eventually be promoted and earn a lot of money. 

If your dream is to start a family, you will need to be incredibly social, take on hobbies that you want to share, join clubs, and try dating many, many people until you find the right person to spend your life with. 

If you want a feeling of peace and understanding within the world, you may need to give up everything and devote yourself to others, read everything, watch TED talks and similar programs, and start down a spiritual path.

Regardless of what you hope to achieve in life, what it takes to obtain, it can often be distilled into the following pieces. 

Don’t Have Too Many Dreams

Having too many dreams at one time will spread your focus too thin, and you may end up losing out on all of your dreams because you tried to do too much at once. This will result in a sense of failure, and you may give up altogether. Work on one dream until you achieve it. Then you can move next to your other dreams. The skills you developed working towards that one dream will often make reaching a second a little easier.

Have a Plan

We can’t tell you enough about the importance of having a plan. After realizing you have a dream, you need to take out a pen and notepad and figure out what it takes to get it. Education, time and financial investments, consultation with experts, and self-reflection will be part of this plan. If you look at what you wrote and think it will be easy, then you probably aren’t being honest about what it will take to make that dream a reality. 

Always plan for roadblocks. As you work through things, you will come across so many obstacles that you hadn’t planned for. Even though you won’t know what these roadblocks are until you hit them, it is important to add these blank spaces into your plans, so you don’t get discouraged when they happen. When they do happen, add them to your plan so you can reflect and see how far you have come. 

Make a Commitment

We often make commitments with others and do what is in our means to fulfill it. But when it comes to making our dreams come true, it is important that you first and foremost make a commitment with yourself. Be dedicated and loyal to yourself in doing what needs to be done to achieve your dreams. You don’t have to block others out, but don’t lose sight of what your dreams and make sure to set aside enough time for yourself to make it happen. True friends and family will give you space and support you need to make those dreams a reality.

Expect to Fail

Successful dreams don’t happen right away. Before you actually taste the sweet smell of success, you will get a whiff of stinking failure. But don’t worry because failure doesn’t define you, and neither is it a permanent phase. It’s a stepping stone to success. 

Motivate and Inspire Yourself

Look around you. You are not the only one who’s working day and night for their dreams. There have been people before you who went through the same thing, and people are being born into the world who will go through the same. Use these people and their dreams to motivate yourself.

Treat Yourself Well

The journey to making your dreams come true is a beautiful one. But these moments can be fleeting. While a dream can mean a brighter future, sometimes the outcome, while still good, isn’t what was expected. So enjoy this ride and always treat yourself with kindness and focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing while working towards your dreams.

A final note, while wanting to know your dream will come true is novel, the reality can sometimes be bitter. In media, we are so often present with just the outliers – those people who stumbled into something and got what they wanted with little to no effort. But for the overwhelming majority of people who make their dreams a reality, they have to be patient, do a lot of things right, and spent many years of their life working tirelessly to make it a reality.

Don’t waste time either. No matter where you are in life, time is precious, and waiting around for things to happen for you is definitely the wrong approach. Good luck, and make it worthwhile!