The Health Benefits of Planking 3 Minutes a Day

Planking is an effective and simple exercise that’s gaining popularity. This is because it is an effective workout routine to help strengthen the core. Planking for three minutes every day comes with many potential health benefits.

Strengthens Your Core

One of the major health benefit of planking for up to three minutes each day is that it helps in strengthening your core. If you want to achieve core strength, then planking is the workout routine you should adopt. Planking engages all of the core, which is a collection of major muscle groups that help you to balance, lift things, and engage with many other activities.

Boosts Your Body’s Metabolism

Furthermore, planking is an effective way to get your body working properly. When done for 3 minutes a day, this workout routine burns more calories in the core than sit-ups or crunches. The muscles you strengthen each day through planking ensures that calories are burnt when inactive.

It Improves Body Flexibility

Another key benefit of planking three minutes a day is that it induces and enhances flexibility. Body flexibility is important to enable us to live a healthy life. This exercise focuses on stretching your posterior muscle groups. Also, planking stretches your toes, arches of the feet, and hamstrings.

Improves Overall Body Balance

Have you tried staying balanced standing on one foot and you’re unable to achieve this? This is because your abdominal muscles are not strong enough to lend you the support you need for body balance. Planking three times a day ensures your core is strengthened and you gain overall body balance in the long run.

Body Posture Becomes Better

Finally, planking daily can help improve your posture or even make it better. Good body posture ensures that your spine is in the proper position, which decreases back pain. All in all, good body posture ensures that you look more confident, healthier, and feel better.

There you have it! These are some of the amazing benefits you stand to gain from planking three minutes a day. Planking helps improve body flexibility, strengthens your core, boost your body metabolism, and improves your overall balance. When you accomplish those things, exercise also becomes more fun because it becomes easier! You can start planking today from the comfort of your home or by registering at a nearby gym. To gain the full benefits of planking, be patient, and ensure you do it consistently.