Suggestions for Choosing Car Sickness Medicine for Toddlers

Car sickness is a feeling triggered by travel that can lead to unpleasant feelings by adults, children, and toddlers. The symptoms of motion sickness include nausea, vomiting, headache, pale skin, dizziness, irritability, cold sweat and others. Car sickness occurs in toddlers either due to an imbalance in the body while in motion, or it could occur as a result of fluid buildup or infection in the ears. 

Preventive Measures and Car Sickness Medicine for Toddlers

There are many preventive measures that parents can take, such as car sickness medicine for toddlers, which may help to relieve motion sickness, including the symptoms. 

One of the best ways to address motion sickness is to change the seating position of a child to avoid car sickness. Keep the face of your child in the direction of the car, if they are big enough to use a forward-facing car seat. 

Another way is to stop the car and allow the toddler to breathe in the fresh air. Provide light snacks to the toddlers so that they don’t feel nauseous. Sipping water or juices can also help with car sickness. Also, try to distract the toddlers with conversation or music.

The car sickness medicines available for toddlers include the following:

  • Xlear – These mouth care products are perfect for after sickness occurs. Brushing and rinsing are a good way to clean up the mouth..
  • Terry Naturally – These are natural food supplements that are a mix of botanical and nutritional formulas. The best-known supplement among Terry Naturally is Curamin, which offers complete support to the internal response of the body
  • MegaFood – These supplements offer complete nourishment to a toddler’s body. It is enriched with the complete nutrition of vegetables and fruits. It works well to prevent toddlers from car sickness. These supplements can be easily taken over an empty stomach without any fear of illness.
  • Klaire Labs – These are professionally designed formulas that have vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, lipids, fatty acids and botanicals that offer wellness to the toddlers and prevent them against car sickness. The formula found in these supplements provide support with optimal potency, purity, and bioavailability.
  • Other than these natural supplements, there are many other over-the-counter medicines that include antihistamines, scopolamine, promethazine, vitamin B-6, 5-HTP and magnesium, ginger supplements, and acupressure bands.

Car sickness usually ends when the ride stops, but if car sickness is experienced repeatedly, visit the doctors for a physical examination. The doctor will check the eyes and ears, and evaluate for any health problems.

When you’re traveling with kids, make sure you prepare yourself with all of the right gear, including natural products that seek to support healthy joints and natural pain relief.