Spring Cleaning Inspiration With Essential Oils for the Home

Winter has gone and spring has arrived, which provides the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean the home and rid of ourselves of the winter blues and the sulkiness that has settled in the home. Cleaning the house and making it a comfortable and neat place for you and your loved ones can bring relief and good feelings.

Cleaning up is also a good way to de-stress yourself and calm the mind. Putting on freshly washed bed-sheets, changing table mats, and lighting the house with scented candles or spraying it with aromatic air spays can leave people feeling positive and happy.

It’s an act of self care when you make the place neat and clean to spend your time in. Spring cleaning gets more interesting when you get to know about its many benefits

Decreases Your Allergies

Spring is the season of allergies. Pollen grains are exchanged, and the direction of the blowing winds strikes up the allergens. Spring cleaning is a good way to clean your rugs and carpets, which are a breeding ground for germs. Dust particles in the air and that settles on furniture can trigger allergies. When you keep your house contained to protect yourself from the chills of winter, you are also trapping germs and other pollutants that can irritate your respiratory system. Vacuuming and mopping floors and carpets will help you to keep your allergies at bay. 

Increases Your Moods

It is a common and relatable fact that when you sit in a room that is clean and has a lot of space, you automatically feel better about yourself and your surroundings. A person who has a messy room is more likely to become dull and lazy in many areas of life as compared to someone who makes their bed right away and keeps their room tidy. 

Essential Oils for Home

Essential oils carry a beautiful and uplifting scent. When you use these oils in your house, you’re breathing in this scent and taking advantage of its benefits. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and cinnamon have properties that can make your mental and emotional health better due to their strong natural fragrance. 

Other types of essential oils to use for a happy home are lemongrass oil, clary sage, tea tree oil, and lemon oil. You can find these quality essentials oils, and many that weren’t mentioned here, from a brand like Aura Cacia, Plant Therapy, and NOW Foods

More Productivity

When you work in a place which is comfortable and doesn’t have dirty distractions, like a bad smell or an untidy area, you will be able to focus more on your work and therefore have more productivity.

There are many reasons to keep a clean home. While you shouldn’t wait around until the spring to take action, starting now isn’t such a bad idea. Make sure to clean all the different nooks and crannies, wipe down the top of cabinets, replace filters, and open the windows to let some fresh air in. Cleaning the home is also a good time to get the entire family involved. Kick off the start of a new season by sharing chores and seeing the transformation happen inside the home.