Signs of Negative Energy in the House

Many of us would agree that energies and auras are surrounding the spaces we enter or live in. Sometimes a space feels good, but other times they hit us with a wave of negative energy. In this case, it could be a sign of negative energy in the house.

When a room has negative energy it can change the vibe of the room’s occupants. But what are the signs of negative energy in the house? Let’s find out. 

Always Blaming Others

Negative energy in the house tends to influence you into blaming others for things that happen. Rather than taking charge of your life and control what happens in it, you believe that others are the captain of your ship. 

Feeling Tense

Your home is a sanctuary that offers you a place to rest from the day’s hustles and bustles. When you start feeling tense in your home rather than relaxed, it could be a sign of negative energy. 

Constant Complaining 

Complaining is a good sign of negative energy’s presence. If you notice yourself in the habit of always complaining more than usual then it’s time for you to weed out the negative energy in your home. 

Feeling Unmotivated

Some spaces such as the sitting room, deck, kitchen, and more are designated to motivate you to become more productive at certain tasks in your home. When you no longer find motivation in these areas then it’s a clue that there is negative energy around. 

How to Eliminate Negative Energy in the House 


Cluttering brings about negative energy hence the need to declutter. A cluttered space leads to clogged energy. Sell and giveaway house items that are of no use to you. Having a decluttered house will create room for positive energy to flow around.

Another step is to clean surfaces around the house, especially the bathroom or other often used areas. But don’t use conventional cleaners you find at the store. Brands like Herb Pharm, Alaffia, and Simplers Botanicals offer cleaning products to keep energies in the home positive.

Go For Muted Colors

Bright and stimulating colors are distracting and disorienting. Many people find joy and positive energy in muted colors. When you are painting your home go for a color that brings joy and relaxation to space. Most people find blue to be a relaxing color. 

There you have it! Above are some signs of negative energy in the house and how to eliminate them. Negative energy and bad vibes should never be allowed in our respective homes. By following the tips provided above, you can identify and eliminate any form of negative energy in your home. Doing this is crucial for your mental health and general wellbeing.