Pressure Points for Cramps to Relieve Pain

Acupressure has become a pretty popular word in the last few years. It is a word that is associated with alternative ways of healing. It involves applying pressure on certain points in the body to help regulate any qi energy blockages or stagnation. This relieves different kinds of pains, including headaches, digestion cramps, as well as period cramps in women.

The success of acupressure depends on finding the right pressure points in the body. Here are the major ones you need to know about:

Between the Base of Your Thumb and Index Finger

This is called ‘Hegu’ by some people. Applying pressure at this point is said to relieve headaches and different kinds of pains. It is believed to be particularly helpful in period cramps and pains, also. You can apply pressure to this point yourself; use your other finger to locate the point and apply pressure and massage for about five minutes.

Below Your Belly Button

Two inches below your bellow button is another pressure point that can help with pains. It can help with most kinds of stomach pains and cramps. You can adjust your hands and apply mild pressure as you massage the area.

Between the Big Toe and Second Toe

This is another pressure point that is easy to locate and work with. You can use your thumb to trace the point, moving towards your shin. You can apply pressure for one minute, increasing it slightly. Repeat for the other feet, and you may start feeling better in a short while.

Just Above the Kneecap

A little bit above your kneecap, there is a pressure point called the ‘Sea of Blood.’ Just find the kneecap, measure it and move slightly to the medial side of the thigh. It is believed to be very helpful with period pains.

Between the Inner Ankle and Achilles Tendon

This is called ‘Water Spring’ or ‘Kidney 5’ by some individuals. It is another important pressure point that can help with a different type of pain. To find it, locate the inner ankle bone first and move a little below to find the soft tissue before the Achilles tendon. Applying pressure here can take care of acute problems, including painful periods and other menstrual-related issues.

There you have it! Above are some of the pressure points for cramps to relieve pain. If you’re able to locate these pressure points, you can achieve pain relief with acupressure.