Outdoor Games Kids Can Play Using Sidewalk Chalk

When the time is right, children should be allowed to play outside. There are lots of amazing games they can play, and the sidewalk can be a perfect place to start. If your kids have sidewalk chalks, there are many games they can enjoy, including the following:

Self Portrait

One person just needs to lie on the sidewalk while the other person traces the outline with chalk. Afterward, the owner of the portrait can work alone or with the other kids to decorate. Everyone can have their own portraits and decorate to their tastes.

Tic Tac Toe

Children can paint the Tic Tac Toe board on the sidewalk and play with a rock or bean bag. Players will have to through the rock or bean bag onto the board and mark wherever it lands. The first person to mark three in a roll wins the game.

Long Jump

Long jump on the sidewalk should be for older children who know how to play safely. It is easy to draw the lines to get the game started. They will need a measuring tape to take measurements and records to see who wins.

Target Practice

It is possible and actually very easy to play target practice with sidewalk chalk. You just have to map out the targets and label them appropriately. Players will proceed to throw either a rock or a bean bag to hit the targets.


Shuffleboard is another fun game that can be easily recreated on the sidewalk with chalk. All you need to do is to draw a goal for each side. Players can roll a marble to score points. If it stops in the goal, players can get three points, and if it rolls through, they get a single point.

Fun Messages

You can also encourage your children to write fun messages on the sidewalk with chalk. It is always best if the fun message is also sweet and personal. This may be a great way to tap into their creativity with words.

Wet Chalking

It is possible to paint the sidewalk with chalks in a manner that will appear like real paint. To achieve this, you will need some water. The kids can splash the water on the concrete just before painting. They can add more water as the painting progresses.

There are several other games kids can play using sidewalk chalk, but these are the best ones we can recommend now.