Outdoor Games Kids Can Play During Rainstorms

During a rainstorm, the most predictable thing to do is keep your young ones inside. This doesn’t mean it is the wisest decision. While staying indoors is probably the safest thing for kids, it can be boring. Some kids may want to play in the rain, and there is nothing wrong with allowing them to do that. All you have to do is ensure that they play safely. Here, we will briefly describe some fun outdoor games your kids can engage in when it’s raining:

Mini Streams Exploration

Rainwater may run off the street like little streams or rivers. These miniature streams and rivers are there to be explored, and your little ones will gladly take up the challenge. You have to supervise closely to ensure that they explore safely.

Dancing in the Rain

Who wouldn’t welcome the idea of dancing in the rain? Certainly not your active children. You can all dance together listing to the beats of the raindrops. You can also sing some rain songs or play some sounds from any appropriate device. You should find a safe place to dance as some places may be too slippery for this activity.


Depending on where you live and how far you are winning to venture off with the little ones, you can find lots of puddles to lay with. You can jump into the puddles and over them with the little ones. There are lots of laughter to generate from this.

Splashing Game

This one needs no explanation. There are few rainstorm experiences you can compare to good old splashing. Take it easy on the little ones as they try their best to get at you.

Make Mud Pies

Mud is easiest to play with when there is plenty of water. Since there is plenty of natural water during a rainstorm, your kids have the perfect time and condition to make the best mud pies.

Looking for Worms

Most kids love to rescue worms from the middle of the sidewalk and other places they may become vulnerable. You can encourage this and even take part in it with your little ones.

You don’t have to lock your kids inside every time it rains. When they are eager to play during a rainstorm, the games discussed above are always appropriate.