Marathon Training Diet Plans That Provide Good Nutrition

What do you think a diet of a marathon runner includes? Marathon training diet plans will consist of foods packed with the nutrition that is essential for keeping the body energized over a long period of sustained physical activity. You need to give your body the right type of food in the exact amount required before you can put on your running shoes. 

You can only run a marathon successfully if you have given your body enough food and rest. Never underestimate how healthy eating habits can positively affect your life. 

Everybody is different, and we each have a different rate of metabolism. What works for one runner might not serve as effectively for another. But there are some key things that you can include in a marathon runner’s diet plan to optimize your nutrition. 

So if you’re already a professional marathon runner or thinking of becoming one, take a look at some of the marathon training diet plans below to learn about the different ways that you can amp up your performance. You should be able to easily include these foods in your diet plan for a daily dose of proper nutrition. 

Fruit Smoothie 

A banana and berry smoothie is the perfect way to start your day. The milk and yogurt in the smoothie will provide you with fat while the fruits of your choice (we prefer bananas and strawberries) will add potassium, magnesium, and other healthy nutrients. It’s easy to make and tasty to drink. 


Crunch down on vegetables with hummus. Hummus is easy to prepare, and you can add some bonus ingredients to make it tastier, like lemon and coriander. You can eat this meal for lunch and before you start your workout


Fish is packed with omega fatty acids that help to keep bones and muscles stronger. Eating tuna steaks for dinner is a good source of protein and will provide a filling meal. 

Protein Shakes

Some marathon runners drink a glass of whey protein before they start running. It gives them energy and will help to support muscle recovery. 


Why did the egg regret being an omelet? It wasn’t all it cracked up to be! See, food puns can be fun when talking about changing your diet. Any form of eggs, hard-boiled, half-boiled, omelet or fried, are your best friends when you’re a marathon runner in training. They will give you an adequate amount of protein and nutrients necessary for your body.  

These are just a few suggestions to help you to get started on your training journey. Give any of these foods a try and see if they help to improve your overall performance.