How to Stop Moving In Your Sleep

Ever noticed that when you sleep you wake up multiple times in the night because you can’t just stop moving? If so, it’s nothing new and you can deal with it. Many people experience this too, and it prevents them from sleeping deeply throughout the night. Here are some easy yet effective tips that can help you stop moving in your sleep:

Cut your caffeine intake

You should avoid caffeine after lunchtime. This is because caffeine can leave you unsettled and restless in the nighttime. Smoothies, water, and caffeine-free tea are safer alternatives. 

Do not make late dinners a habit

Eating late at night can be a bother when you lay down to sleep. It can cause stomach acid to move to your throat, causing heartburn and discomfort that can prevent you from sleeping still. Also, avoid processed foods from dinner. 

Unplug your devices

Light can prevent the body from releasing melatonin, a chemical that makes you sleep. Avoid using your laptops, phones, and other devices with lit screens before bed. This is because light from electronics can keep your brain alert and prevent you from sleeping. 

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Do not exercise a few hours before bed

Although there’s word going around that exercising at night can help you sleep well, it doesn’t work that way for many. This is because exercising increases one’s temperature, making you feel sluggish and keeping your mind alert. 

You can also try a new sleeping position, meditate to relieve anxiety and modify your sleeping schedule.