How To Keep Teeth White During The Day

Did you know that teeth can give a proper insight into the personality of a person? Regarding teeth whitening, you will find a wide range of products such as whitening toothpaste, strips, trays, rinses, over-the-counter gels, whitening powder, and many more. However, if you have lots of fillings, dark strains, dental restorations, and sensitive teeth, you should definitely consult your dentist.

Anyway, if you are looking for ways to keep teeth white during the day, you are in the right spot. Here, we will be talking about the same.

In-Office Whitening

As we are talking about white teeth, we must cover in-office whitening. This is probably one of the most expensive and efficient ways to keep teeth white during the day. You will see the remarkable result even after the first treatment. You can also do this treatment at home. But, for doing this, youneed a professional mouth-exam and cleaning.

Tips To Keep Teeth White

There are certain ways through which you can keep your teeth white during the day. We have explained them below:

  • You should always avoid drinks and foods that stain. You will have to keep in mind that food consisting of tannins and acids can actually dull your teeth. Apart from these, you should avoid drinking carbonated beverages, sports drinks, black coffee, and tea. Moreover, you should strictly avoid colored foods such as tomato, curry, soy and sauces.
  • If you have stain-causing foods or beverages, you should immediately rinse or brush your teeth.
  • In order to achieve whiter teeth, you must avoid pipes, cigars and cigarettes. If you chew tobacco, you will never get rid of the yellow tone.

Natural Ways To Achieve White Tone

There are several natural ways through which you can keep your teeth white during the day. These are as follows:

Oil Pulling

Well, this is one of the traditional ways to remove the level of toxins and improve oral hygiene. You just need to keep oil in your mouth and swish it. It will remove the oral bacteria. This is basically a kind of Indian home remedy. You can use sesame oil or sunflower oil to get the best result. Apart from this, you can use coconut oil.

Brush Using Baking Soda

Baking soda consists of whitening properties. Therefore, if you want to maintain the white tone in your teeth, you need to brush them using baking soda. Well, it will take time to get the desired result.

So, this is how you can keep teeth white during the day. We hope that you would follow these tips.