Helpful or Harmful: Stretching Cold Muscles before Exercise

Before working out, it has become a custom for people to warm up. But is stretching your muscles before exercising worth the effort? Beyond inducing flexibility, stretching helps the body prepare for the physical activity ahead. Here are various benefits of stretching before exercising.

Increases Body Flexibility

Body flexibility is crucial for overall wellbeing. Regular stretching increases flexibility, which helps you prepare for and perform everyday activities. It can also help you increase mobility as you age. There is no limit to how increased flexibility positively impacts your health.

Enhances Performances in Physical Activities

Performing regular muscle stretches before any physical activity gets your muscles ready to deal with the stress of resistance training and other forms of exercise. This one of the reasons why you see athletes stretching their muscles before they perform physical activity. 

Increases Flow of Blood to the Muscles

One of the benefits of performing regular stretches is that it improves blood circulation to the muscles. Improved blood circulation to the muscles reduces muscle soreness and shortens recovery time. In other words, stretching limits the chances of getting injured when performing physical activity.

Prevents Back Pain and Helps to Heal Injury

In addition, stretching your cold muscles before exercise helps prevent back pain and may even accelerate the healing of injuries. Tight muscles decrease your range of motion. When this happens, the chances of straining the muscles in your back are increased. Regular stretching may help prevent future back pain, aids recovery, and reduce the risk of muscle strain. 

It Relieves the Body of Stress

Tense muscles lead to an increase in body stress levels. This is because your body’s muscles tighten to respond to physical and emotional stress that releases cortisol, a stress hormone. Stretching your upper back, neck, shoulders can help you to get rid of stress from the body and improve your overall wellbeing.

Increases Range of Motion

Lastly, stretching your cold muscles before exercising helps increase your range of motion. Stretching allows your joints a full range of motion. The more range of motion your joints will be able to accomplish, the better your movement becomes.

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There you have it! The above are some of the reasons why you should consider stretching your muscles before exercising. Doing this helps increase body flexibility, relieve stress, prevent back pain, and increase blood flow. By stretching your cold muscles before exercising, you can prevent unnecessary injuries, fatigue, and improve your overall wellbeing.