Gift Ideas For Germaphobes

Do you know someone who is highly obsessive about keeping surfaces clean and killing germs? We cannot deny the fact that this pandemic situation has increased the number of Germaphobes. Anyway, in this tense situation, you can mitigate the seriousness of the situation by giving gifts. Now, if you are looking for gift ideas for Germaphobes people, you have hit the right page. Here, we will be talking about the best gift ideas for Germaphobes.

Keychain Touch Tool

Did you know that those high-touch surfaces work like a nightmare for the Germaphobes. It can be the keypad in the supermarkets or the floor buttons in the elevators. You do not know how many people touched those surfaces. Touching those surfaces with your bare hands could expose you to dangerous viruses. Anyway, with the keychain touch tool, Germaphobes can deal with them freely. They can push and pull doors and they can even press buttons that are on high touch surfaces with the help of this tool. Even, it works as a bottle opener and so, after the end of this pandemic, they can still use it.

Cleanifi Pro Pod

Germaphobes people sanitize everything. Therefore, this tool will be one of the best gifts for them. Instead of sanitizing using sanitizer, they can use this tool. This device comes up with 6 UV-C germicidal LED lights. It can kill up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. So, it does not matter what thing you are using, just throw everything into this device and it will eliminate all the viruses. You can sanitize electronic gadgets such as Air pods, iPhone, smartwatches, and many more. Apart from this, you can sanitize your wallet, pen, and other things.

Touch-Free Liquid Soap Pump

This is another thing that you can give to your Germaphobes friends as a gift. Now, they do not have to touch the soap dispenser while using it. Yes, they hold their hands beneath the nozzle and the soap will spill out. If you hold farther down, it will spill out more soap. The device is made of stainless steel and so, in terms of durability, you will not have to worry. Apart from it, the nozzle has a silicon valve that is flexible and so, it will not lead to messy dripping.

Washable Keyboard

A washable keyboard is something that they need in this pandemic situation. This is made of silicon that makes it flexible and waterproof. The keyboard catches a lot of dirt and so, you can use this type of keyboard that can be cleaned using any disinfectant.

These are some gift ideas for Germaphobes. Also consider health products from Core Med Science like Liposomal Vitamin C. We hope you would check out these items.