Get Fit With This Stretch Rope Workout

Building your strength is more fun with a stretch rope, which is sometimes better known as a resistance band. A stretch rope workout is perfect for physical fitness lovers who are looking for an exercise that offers great physical benefits without a huge number of reps. A stretch rope makes simple exercises harder, increasing the required effort, increasing pressure, and helping you to get the results that you want to see. 

Additionally, you can scale these workouts up by hitting multiple muscles groups of the body. Likewise, you can stick to focusing on just a particular muscle. That is when stretch ropes come into play. 

Here are some of the most effective stretch rope exercises that you can incorporate in your workout routine. Just make sure that you can recover afterwards. Using products for pain from 

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A simple squat can be made more difficult with resistance when you use a stretch rope. Stand over the stretch rope and hold both ends of the rope over your shoulders. Start your squat how you regularly would. You can repeat the exercise 8-12 times. 

Bicep Curl

To do a bicep curl, stand over the stretch rope, shoulder width apart. Hold both ends of the rope in each and pull yourself backwards like you would in a bicep curl. Once your hands reach the shoulder, give a little squeeze to your biceps. Do this for 8-12 reps. 


Glute bridges are a great way to focus on your gluteus medius. Using a stretch rope adds bonus points to the workout. the both ends of the rope and fit it on your thighs. Get into the “dridge” position and maintain the stretch of the rope while you do your ups and downs of the bridge. You can continue with the regular number of reps that you do. 

Fire Hydrants

Another great leg exercise is the fire hydrant. This exercise when done with a stretch rope or a resistance band fires up the leg muscles for real. Wear the band on both of your legs, you can ether adjust to your feet or take them up on upper legs, whatever makes you feel the burn.
Lift your leg and extend it while pushing down the other leg firmer on the ground. Repeat the exercise for 10-12 times. 

Triceps Press

Sit in with your knees spread in front of you. Slowly and slightly bend the knees while looping the stretch rope around your feet. Hold both ends of the rope in each and move forward with tight grip. Pull back and keep your back straight, while focusing on your back, triceps and abs. This is an effective core and upper back workout which gives the triceps a good bump. 

Happy sweating!