Fun Outdoor Family Games to Keep Kids Busy During Snow Days

Snow days mean different things for different people as far as activities are concerned. For children in some places, it may mean a school-free day. It may mean a nightmare to parents who have active kids who love to play outside. There are different indoor activities that can keep most kids busy, but some will want to step out at some point. You may also want to engage your kids with outdoor family games when you want them to be physically active without reducing the house to rubble. Here are a few fun activities you can always trust.

Scavenger Hunt 

This works all the time. Depending on what you decide to bury, you can successfully make this a very competitive game for your kids and grownup children. Map out the areas the items are hidden and inform the kids they will get whatever they find in the hunt. 

Make Some Ice 

Making ice is quite easy and fun. You can all become ice makers when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. It is as simple as blowing bubbles with your wand outside. You will occasionally watch them freeze on the wand. There are other simple ways to make ice, and you can all get in the spirit with what works for you.

Feed the Birds 

Consider making snow days wonderful days for the wild birds that live and play close to your home. It doesn’t take much to be kind to these feathered friends. You can string cranberries, cereal, and popcorn to fishing lines for a garland to attract them. You can also fill a little cup with these treats and hang on trees for the birds and watch them sing as they eat. 

Hoop It Up 

Are you in the mood for more competitive games, you can step outside with some hula hoops and see who is the best. It is always about who can last the longest. 

Build a Fort 

When the snow is heavy, you can build a fort together. There are many things you can use to make this happen, including sand buckets, loaf pans, and cut-up empty cartons. Aim to build a snow castle.
There are several other outdoor activities you can enjoy with everyone during snow days; we are particularly thrilled by the ones mentioned here. Just make sure you are staying safe and healthy, and support your body with Amazing Grass that may be ideal for immune system support, and so much more! Above all, these outdoor family games will create an avenue to bond with your loved ones.