Feng Shui Remedies for Your Front Door

Your front door is an important aspect that must not be forgotten when you are trying to set up your house according to feng shui. Your front door is the face and the representation of your entire home, so you want to maintain a pleasing look. 

Other than that, the front door is also the spot from where any energy, good or bad, enters the house. The front door gives access to energy and is also called the chi of the energy. 

Here are some feng shui remedies for your front door you can follow to bring peace, comfort, and abundance.


The thing that can cause you a lot of trouble while adjusting your front door to feng shui rules is cluttering near the door. Typically in houses, there is a lot of clutter right at the door, including old coats and hats, unattended mail, and unorganized shoes. The first thing you want to do is de-clutter the entrance of your door so that there can be no hindrances for the energy. Consider looking into minimalism and see if that helps.


The next thing you want to watch out for is the condition of the front door. Like you would wish your front door to be in top-notch condition, especially if you have guests coming over. Similarly, to pave the way for good and positive energy, you need to see that it is in excellent and pleasing condition. Check that it doesn’t creak and note that there should be no rust on the hinges and no dust in the corners. 

Clear Away Objects

There are also specific rules regarding the objects placed in front of your main entrance. Make sure that there are no sharp objects. Remove any objects that have a pointy edge. 

Soften the Area

Another helpful remedy to make the place subtle is by softening up the path to your door. This can be done by placing a small mat or rug right of your door. You can also set plants on the steps or line them next to the door in a neat manner.


The last thing you can work on is the color of the paint job. Try to choose colors that are appealing to the eye. Also, note that the paint job isn’t chipped from the edges and should be well maintained. The paint on your door should be inviting.