Easy Hiking Near Seattle to Unwind

Being healthy is the first step in leading a good life. A more fun and adventurous way of being healthy and unwinding at the end of the day is to go for a hike.

For those living in Seattle or the ones who are planning on going to Seattle, hiking through its trails is an experience like no other. Moving through the Northwest woods with snow-capped peaks in sight feels like heaven on earth. The hiking trails in Seattle offer people with difficulty ranging from beginner to expert.

Interested in heading into the outdoors, here are five popular trails for easy hiking near Seattle:

Rattlesnake Ledge

This hiking trail offers a person a four miles round trip. He has to start the hike on the shores of Rattlesnake Lake. The trail, slightly and gradually, turns into a slope but isn’t difficult to tread. It is usually crowded on Sundays and beautiful sunny days.

Little Si

With a length of 5 miles, Little Si offers easy hiking near Seattle. Little Si has a total of 1200 feet in cumulative gain and provides us with stunning views of North Bend, Mount Si, and the upper Snoqualmie Valley. The trail going through the forest is amazing with fascinating rock formations.

Mount Si

The hiking trail of Mount Si is 8 miles and has a cumulative gain of almost 3150 feet. Mount Si is also one of the most trafficked day hikes near Seattle and gives you an easy challenge. You can access Mount Si through I-90 exit 32 in less than a 45-minute drive when coming from downtown.

Mt. Pilchuck

Mt. Pilchuck hike trail starts with Quarry road off highway 92. It makes for easy hiking near Seattle with a length of 5.5 miles roundtrip. This hike, with North Cascades and Alpine ground, has the best views. For people who can’t decide between hiking and sightseeing, Mt. Pilchuck hike trail instantly solves your problem. The only problem that remains is the crowds. 

Ebey’s Landing

Ebey’s Landing hike trail provides you with easy hiking near Seattle which begins at the end of Cook Road to the Prairie Overlook trailhead. It offers a hike with a roundtrip of around 5.6 miles. This hiking trail is perfect for an early morning hike, sunset hike and wildlife viewing.

Unwinding after a stressful day is essential if you want to function well, mentally and physically. Living in Seattle provides a person with the best opportunities to explore and unwind at the same time. It is advised that a person should grab the opportunity of easy hiking near Seattle while he can.