Bedtime Stories To Read Kids To Ensure Happy Dreams

Did you know that bedtime stories actually ensure happy dreams? It will help your kids to have sweet dreams. Yes, these stories take your kids to a fascinating world where they can have peaceful sleep. Talking about the ritual of narrating or reading a story before bedtime, well, it actually provides a soothing experience to your little one. It creates a time when your little kid forgets every hectic activity of that day and they get the taste of comfort when their parents read a bedtime story.

Talking about the benefits, it can give you innumerable benefits. It improves the listening skill of your kids and apart from this; it develops a sense of love for reading among the kids. Anyway, if you do not have a good collection of bedtime stories, you will not have to worry. Here, we have made a list of some fascinating bedtime stories that will definitely ensure happy dreams.

Spot Loves Bedtime

If you have kids and you are looking for bedtime storybooks for them, this will be a perfect choice for you. The main character of this story is a puppy and his name is Spot. Apart from Spot, there are some other characters such as his sister Susie, his father Sam, and many more. The story tells that Spot is not getting his favorite teddy and therefore, he is getting ready for going into bed. In short, the story has a very calming effect. Your kid will feel good while listening to the story.

Little Elephant Who Wants To Fall Asleep

Well, this is another bedtime storybook for your kids. It is written by Carl-Johan Forssen who is a very famous Swedish writer. Talking about the story, the main character is an elephant and the name of the elephant is Ellen. The story tells the journey of Ellen and how he meets various fantastical characters.

The Marvellous Moon Map

We cannot deny the fact that children love stories of adventure and travel. Talking about The Marvellous Moon Map, the story is all about a mouse. It is fascinating in nature and here, the story tells the journey of a mouse who eventually loses his way.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

A bedtime story consisting of deep forests, gigantic castles, magical lands is, no doubt, a great option. If you are looking for these elements, you can certainly go with Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

So, these are some bedtime stories that will ensure that your kids will have happy dreams.