5 Parenting Hacks to Accomplish in a Day

Parenting brings so much joy. At the same time, it comes with lots of challenges that a fainthearted person can’t cope with. If you are up for the challenges and give it your best, there is nothing as fulfilling as raising wonderful children. Here are a few parenting hacks you can accomplish in a day to make your job easier and the lives of your little ones better.

Use Timers to Get Them to Do the Right Things at the Right Times

If you keep reminding your children of what they need to do at all times, it may get to a point they will lose interest in such things. One of the best ways to ensure that they respond at the right time and do what they are supposed to do is to use timers. You can download an app on your phone or theirs, buy a visual clock, or even use the microwave. An alarm sounds more urgent and convincing than the human voice.

Use Visual Schedules to Help Kids Remember Their Responsibilities

You can also help your kids to remember the things they have to do by creating visual schedules. For pre-readers, use a schedule with pictures and guide them through it till they understand. Create more serious schedules for older kids and stress the importance of taking them seriously. Instead of reminding them of what to do, point to their schedules.

Always Use Humor Around the House

This is a trick that will make your home more peaceful and fun. It can always make the difference between total meltdown and compliance. Jokes are always effective when trying to ease tension, and you can use a funny voice to make a request.

Use Monopoly to Teach Kids about Budgeting

Monopoly may be a game, but you can use it as a hack to teach your kids financial intelligence in their younger days. It is never too early to start.

Give Your Kids a Temporary Tattoo

This hack is important when you leave your house with your little ones. You can write your phone number on the child’s arm just in case he/she gets lost in the crowd. If you are not a fan of inks, a bracelet with your number will do.

There you have it! Above are some parenting hacks to accomplish in a day. Parenting is tough and fun at the same time. The hacks above can make it easier for everyone. If you’re a parent, you should consider using the aforementioned hacks.