5 Family Projects You Can Do With Autumn Leaves

Autumn is coming. Are you ready to celebrate the beauty the season offers? As the colorful leaves start dropping, you can go outside, collect some, and use them to keep your little ones engaged indoors. There are so many things you can transform the colorful autumn leaves into. Children enjoy leaf crafts, and you should join them in completing some fantastic projects. Here are five family projects with autumn leaves we believe you will enjoy working on.

Autumn Leaf Mandala 

A colorful leaf mandala is a decent project to complete with autumn leaves. You can pick the leaves outside alone or with your kids. When it comes to the actual work of using the doodled leaves to make the colorful mandala, make sure everyone is present and contributing. You can use this mandala for your wall. 

Glitter Leaves 

Autumn leaves are quite colorful and appealing. You can make it even more appealing by adding glitters. This is a pretty easy activity that your kids will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be perfect but guide them appropriately to put the glitters in the right places. Adding some glitters to your autumn leaf art doodling will take it to the next level.

Autumn Suncatchers and Stained Glass Windows 

These are some of the most useful ways to bring your gathered fall leaves indoors. It will make a beautiful and exciting project for you and your little ones. Grown-up kids can also join in turning the gathered leaves to autumn leave suncatchers or stained glass windows. 

Leaf Peepers 

There are several simple ways to make your autumn leave projects fun, and leaf peepers are certainly among the best ones to do with your kids. You just have to add some googly eyes and a few rough sketches to each leaf to complete the fun look.  

Autumn Leaf Rock Art 

This is another easy family autumn project that will leave you and your loved ones impressed with your efforts. You will need Mod Podge, smooth rocks, and some small autumn leaves to complete the project. Attach the colorful autumn leaves to the rocks in desired patterns. 

The autumn season provides an amazing opportunity for family members to bond and have an amazing time. Thankfully, there are several other autumn leaf crafts a family can enjoy; the five above are our favorites. We hope you have an amazing time as you try them out.