2 Ways to Lessen Nausea During Exercise Warm Ups

You are putting in work in the gym or wherever you exercise every day. You are starting to see the result and getting used to your workout routine. But in the same way, you are also exerting so much effort that can lead to dizziness and stomach upset. 

To reduce nausea during exercise warm-ups, try out the following tricks:

1. Modify or change your workouts

Typically, certain exercises can increase one’s risk of dizziness and vomiting. One of such is cycling. To prevent this, try another kind of exercise or combine different kinds to minimize your discomfort. Take up long walks, or swimming. Make sure to slow down to avoid sudden changes in your metabolism.

2. Switch up when and what you drink and eat

Drink enough water to prevent nausea during and after exercising. This should be a priority, especially for those who live in humid or hot areas. It is recommended that you have half a liter per hour of water or other fluids including low-sodium sports drinks for high-intensity workouts. For food, experiment and take note of the different foods you consume and the time you eat them before your workout. Include foods such as crackers, coconut water, and ginger. These foods can help settle your stomach.

In all, in as much as you need to work out to meet your body goals, it is also important to notice other changes and prevent mild health conditions that can stop you from enjoying what you love doing.